Horizon: Discovering other cultures and discovering the world is one of my passions.
Snow: Feel warm and cosy in a snowy area is so nice.
Sea: Looking at the sea inspires me and makes me feel living.
Clouds: I'm a dreamer and clouds are the best representations of my thoughs.

With an underdegree in business management and a master in finance, Marie started her career at Aviapartner where she was responsible for its treasury management and consolidation, before working during 6 years for Candriam (ex-Dexia Asset Management), first as a performance analyst then as a risk manager.

She enjoyed taking initiaves, proposing new solutions in order to improve the existing production processes, and creating new processes or services. She prefered to work on global projects eventhough she also worked on some very specific problems. She really liked developing her people management skills while training and supervising her two new colleagues.

On a more global perspective, Marie is driven by new challenges and taking responsibilities. She's very good at managing projects from A to Z, especially when it comes to work with a global view or on firm-wide projects. She also particularly appreciates working with experts and/or within a team.

For over 10 years, Marie has been involved as a volunteer in a number of associations and projects, in the policital sector, as well as in the social one, in the field of disability and in that of youth.

The first project in which she participated was the organization of the annual IUVE Belgium conference in 2003, which promoted and defended positive human values. The speakers were Kim Phuc, Tim Guenard Carlos Paez and Edith Eva Eger among others. Their stories deeply moved Marie, making her deciding to become involved as a volunteer in various national and international camps organized for disabled people.

In 2007, Marie had the opportunity to discover how is working democracy and the Belgian political authorities. She participated in the Youth Parliament of the French speaking Community, first as a "Deputy", then as a "Minister" presenting the draft of the decree she had written. Between these two parliamentary sessions, she also represented Belgium at the European Youth in Action program organized in Spain. Through those experiences, she not only understood the possible negative effects of democracy but also the importance of civic duty and its responsibility in the evolution of society, as weel as the need for a unified political and social Europe.

For the next four years, Marie organized many cultural visits and conferences for 2 associations: the Cercle Charles Quint for which she quickly became Vice-President and President ad interim, and LSM Alumni association. In parallel, she animated a scouts' troop for disabled children.

In 2008, she joined the federal team of that Youth Mouvement (Guides Catholiques de Belgique) and became Head of the Federal Sector Reine Astrid (the SRA sector is devoted to the disable children). Her involvement lasted a bit more than three years during which, while managing the overall strategy of the youth movement (23,000 members) with the federal team, she put in place a strategy for the SRA department and managed it with her team: she developed partnerships with other associations of her sector, she created and gave trainings on several disability issues, she created new educational tools for the SRA animators and wrote several articles on the integration of disabled young people; her annual budget was around 15,000 EUR.

In the late 2010, Marie took her backpack and crossed France alone and on foot for 2 months, in order to think about the meaning of a too busy life dedicated to others. Being original and in order to discover new paths, she drew her own route through the country, at the dawn of winter, living thanks to the generosity of those she met. She now gives conferences on what those 1200km taught her about loneliness and physical pain, stereotypes and perseverance.

In 2012, Marie decided to join the Brussels section of the Junior Chamber International, to build bridges between her volunteer commitments and her professional projects.

After those 10 years as a volunteer and although she still financially supports many of these associations, Marie does not work as a volunteer anymore.

Since our society is increasingly overloaded with advertising, personal image is also growing in importance. Willing to improve her own personal image and to understand the issues behind all those new fashion trends, Marie decided to go to Paris to study Image & Fashion Consulting.

After her certification, she discovered some opportunities existing in that field, and decided to innovate. She's now bootstrapping a startup related to the fashion sector. The project is under construction, more information is available here.

Marie also shares her expertise on her blog.

Being an artist at heart, Marie loves all that is aesthetic, whether in the arts or sports.

Music lover, she began playing the piano at 5 years old and played until she entered university. The choral singing and opera singing then took over. Having reached a semi-professional level, she now occasionally hosts private events (weddings, baptisms, funerals, private concerts), as a soloist or as chef de choeur.

Loving also dancing, Marie practiced ballet for many years, enjoying the discipline and precision required in this sport. She has also been a teacher of waltz and rock 'n roll from 2006 to 2010, creating from time to time wedding choreographies. Interested by the philosophy of the martial arts, she also praticed Aikido for some months.

Willing to learn a manual art, Marie is practicing Latin calligraphy in her spare time, and realizes orders for individuals, such as wedding invitations, birth announcements, table decorations,...

Since Marie is convinced that well-being and making the right life choices are related to a good self-knowledge, she takes the time to attend some personal development trainings in order to improve her defects.

Marie cares about human and professional values. Excellence and respect of everyone are probably those that define her the best. Driven by her entrepreneur spirit, she has a big thirst for learning, understanding and progressing. She likes to express her creativity and innovative ideas, while her sensitivity and resilience help her find right and fair solutions.

With a great capacity for adaptation and a high learning ability, she needs an innovative environment, a clear structure, recognition and a trustful relationship with her hierarchy in order to use her full potential.

The MBTI test describes her as a Scientist (INTJ).

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